Probate is the legal process of administering a deceased person’s estate pursuant to the terms of that person’s Will or by statute in the event a person did not have a Will. Our office regularly administers estates by probate administration for surviving family members whether they be complex or simple. We file the case for the executor/administrator and guide them through the probate process of estate administration.

Some probates are contested. The issues in dispute could involve the validity of a purported Will; whether assets are properly accounted for, or who are the Decedent’s true heirs. The Coleman Law Office has significant experience in contested probate matters. Our experience is not limited to representing heirs or family members. We also offer our services to the Court to be appointed to administer estates that are in dispute.

Most estate planning clients of the Coleman Law Office desire to avoid probate and the client is provided options and associated costs in order to achieve this goal.

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