Estate Planning

The primary work of the attorneys of the Coleman Law Office is in the area of estate planning. Estate planning has a different meaning for each client or family represented by the Coleman Law Office.

Following are some of the possible issues involved in an estate planning case:

  1. Post death transfer of assets to family, friends, church or charity i.e. who inherits from the client.
  2. How best to provide for minor children or incapacitated adults.
  3. How might assets be transferred upon death without incurring tax liability or the process of Court based probate?
  4. What rights does an individual have to control end of life medical treatment e.g. feeding tubes and ventilators.
  5. Who will have control of the client’s life should the client become incapacitated or incompetent? And what authority should that person have?

The attorneys at the Coleman Law Office work with clients to plan and achieve the efficient post death transfer of their estates to family, friends, their church or charitable organizations. The other issues listed above are addressed as well. A clear goal is to minimize administrative costs and taxes and reduce or eliminate the likelihood of family discord. Getting your affairs in order and planning for your future may seem an overwhelming and daunting task. We make it simple for the client and remind them that estate planning in most cases is just taking care of your loved ones i.e. an act of love.

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